Cowfund the Acuña-Chaupe Family in their struggle to protect the Lagoons

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21/12/2015 - 14:00

In Peru, residents of Cajamarca, Celendín and Bambamarca have been protesting for years against 'Conga', a gold-mining project set up by mining company Yanacocha. This protest continues, with thousands of participants, due to the resoluteness of one family: Acuña – Chaupe. We want to support this family in their years of struggle and resistance.








Conga would bring an immense devastation to a huge natural area; hundred of hectares of protected wetlands would disappear together with five mountain lakes, which act as the headwaters of five rivers basins. This area would be turned into a large open pit mine two kilometers wide and one kilometer deep. The mine, together with its waste disposals and mine tailings, would occupy a total footprint of thousands of hectares. Furthermore it would be impossible to continue agricultural activities in the region, which is famous for its milk production. The surrounding area will suffer water scarceness and high contamination. The mine would extract gold for about ten years, and then leave a ruined and used-up land behind, which will not be useable for further economic activities.